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TEMSCO's Helicopter Fleet has grown to reflect the needs of our charter and contract customers. From light helicopters to medium category helicopters, TEMSCO has a large fleet of aircraft to suit your needs.

TEMSCO Helicopters, Inc. relies on a fleet of Hughes-500D(s) known for their agility and reliability in the field, the Eurocopter AStar 350BA and B2 for air ambulance contracts, light to medium external loads, fire contracts, and other charter work, the Eurocopter AStar 350B3 for medium lifting/cargo/crew transports, and the twin-turbine Bell-212(s) for heavy lifting and large crew and cargo transport.

Each helicopter can be configured to carry internal or external cargo. TEMSCO Helicopters' experience in the helicopter contract and charter market is an asset when trying to find the best solution for your helicopter needs.  

TEMSCO Helicopters, inc. is a Bell Helicopter and MD Helicopter Service Center. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest levels.

Bell 214B1

6,000 lbs external load capable (5,500 lbs for precision sets). Large internal area for cargo and passengers. 9 Passengers. Max External Load: 6,000 lbs.

Bell 212

Well proven helicopter design. Twin engine safety and performance. Large internal area for cargo and passengers. 9 - 12 passengers. Max External Load: 3,000 lbs


Eurocopter AS350B3

Larger version engine over the B2 Astar. Excellent lift capabilities even up at altitude. One of the strongest light helicopters on the market. 5 - 6 passengers. Max External Load: 2,400 lbs.


Eurocopter AS350B2

Larger engine version of the Astar series. Good lift capabilities and high altitude performance over the BA model. 5 - 6 passengers. Max External Load: 1,400 - 1,800 lbs.


Eurocopter AS350BA

Good for crew transports, medium to large sling loads. Large internal cargo and passenger room. Low interior noise. 5 - 6 passengers. Max External Load: 900 - 1,200 lbs.


MDH 500D

Small, maneuverable helicopter. Excellent at getting into smaller, confined areasand precision work. 3 - 4 passengers. Max External Load: 600 - 900 lbs.




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