TEMSCO Helicopters one of the safest and most reliable helicopter companies in Alaska for over 60 years.

TEMSCO’s training emphasizes the utmost standard of professionalism, safety, attention to detail, compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s), and company standards. All pilots are trained as a minimum under the FAR Part 135 flight training standards. Additional training also is required for Crew Resource Management, Aeronautical Decision Making, recovery from adverse weather conditions including whiteout conditions, aircraft performance planning, emergency response training, and on-board passenger briefings.

A red helicopter parked in front of a building.

TEMSCO Helicopters goes beyond the minimum safety requirements of the FAA through the Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS). As a TOPS member, TEMSCO Helicopters verifies all pilot qualifications and experience using an FAA report of the pilot’s certificate of record. Minimum tour pilot qualifications are 1,000 hours of helicopter Pilot in Command (PIC) time and 100 hours flying the terrain in which the pilot will be working. TEMSCO’s minimum for Contract Pilots is 1,500 hours but most of our contract pilots have over 3,000 hours of flight time with vertical reference longline experience.

TEMSCO Helicopter’s Pilots are trained under the high standards of FAA part 135 and 133 and are some of the most experienced helicopter pilots in Alaska. TEMSCO’s training program rivals many factory schools in depth and flight time for new and returning employees. Many of our pilots and mechanics are also “OAS Carded” by the U.S. Government for work under governmental agencies.

TEMSCO Helicopters, Inc.’s maintenance departments are fully staffed FAA repair stations. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturers, continuing their skills at the leading edge of technology, allowing them to maintain our aircraft to the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Fly Neighborly

The Fly Neighborly program, a noise reduction program developed by the helicopter industry, was launched in 1982 by the helicopter Association International (HAI). More specifically, members of HAI, such as governmental representatives, including the FAA, the military and other associations, composed the group responsible for development of the program.

TEMSCO has utilized the Fly Neighborly program to implement plans to make helicopter operations compatible with other land uses and to be sensitive to the community by minimizing operational noise.

Juneau Airspace

Airspace users in Juneau have created a Letter of Agreement for the purpose of establishing safe operating practices in and the Juneau Airport Class D surface area and the uncontrolled airspace in the geographic areas surrounding Juneau, Alaska. View or download the document below as well as other helpful links when flying in Alaska.

Juneau LOA