Q & A


They are separate ports in Southeast Alaska. Juneau is located at the southern end of the Juneau Icefield, while Skagway is at the northern end of the Juneau Icefield, approximately 90 miles apart. If there is a particular tour that is only offered in Juneau or Skagway, you should choose your helicopter tour according to what fits your schedule.
Our Dog Camps are set up to be nearly identical to each other, in order to give the guest the exact same experience whether they go in Juneau or Skagway.
Southeast Alaska is situated in a Coastal Temperate Rainforest. Predicting the weather from month to month is nearly impossible. The best time to book your tour is whatever time works best for you because the morning and the afternoon are just as likely to be nice or rainy.
TEMSCO complies with the flightseeing and wildlife viewing practices recommended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alaska Travel Industry Association. Our tours are not advertised as wildlife viewing excursions, but on occasion we may see mountain goats, eagles, moose or bears.
We recommend that you dress in warm layers. Rain gear is a good idea, as Juneau and Skagway are both in the Tongass National Rain Forest. A hat, gloves, and sunglasses are also recommended. We have lock boxes at each location, in case you don’t need everything.

TEMSCO provides NEOS brand glacier boots. These boots have thick soles with excellent traction for our guests’ walk on the glacier. Boots are available in a wide variety of sizes from XS to XXL. Guests should wear sturdy and comfortable shoes. NEOS are functional, user friendly, and they slip on right over your shoes. We also have children’s snow boots for very young kids.
You are welcome to bring your camera or binoculars, but will have to leave the cases behind. TEMSCO has a no bag policy. We have lock boxes here where you can lock up your belongings. This would include but is not limited to back packs, diaper bags, camera & binocular cases, purses, ‘fanny’ packs, etc…
The temperature on the glacier can vary each day and change every hour. As an average in the 30 to 40 degree Fahrenheit range, but it can be warmer or colder, so guests are encouraged to dress in layers. It may be 80 degrees on the dock next to the ship, it does not mean it will also be warm on the glacier. In fact, it can be colder on the glacier.
Seating in the aircraft generally consists of 2 passengers in the front seat and 4 in the back seat. Seating is based on weight and balance of all the guests in the helicopter. Requests of where you sit cannot be guaranteed, nor can who you fly with; however, we will strive to keep groups together if possible.
A parental consent form is required for all passengers ages 12 to 17 that will be flying on any of our tours unaccompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to fly without a guardian. Parents/guardians will need to be on the docks prior to departure time if a waiver needs to be signed and TEMSCO must be notified prior, so as to have those waivers dockside.
We have a weight surcharge, not a restriction. Any guest weighing over 250lbs will be assessed this surcharge fee. This is for safety, weight and balance of the helicopter, and passenger comfort.
Yes, the weight surcharge is on a per person basis. The surcharge will provide the guest with extra space in the helicopter.
We do not offer senior or child discounts. However, there are a few important things to consider with children: Children under 24 months will not need a ticket unless they require their own seat. They are considered lap children as defined by the FAA.